Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd Congressional District

The non-partisan California Citizens Redistricting Commission has redrawn the western half of the South Bay and attached the Beach Cities to Beverly Hills and Malibu. The entire Santa Monica Bay is now encapsulated in the newly-designed 33rd Congressional district. For South Bay residents, we may have to endure future representation under another conceited and confirmed liberal, Henry Waxman.

The Democratic incumbent has served in Congress for nearly forty years, pressuring baseball players for autographs instead of crafting an independent energy policy for this country. He has voted in lock-step with the Beltway for years. Now, he will be running to present not just the old haunts of West Los Angeles, but the rest of the South Bay.

Independent Businessman and government reformer Bill Bloomfield is challenging this hegemony of Washington tax-and-spend statism. Commanding an impressive resume in the private sector while targeting lawsuit abuse and wasteful agencies and agendas in the public sector, Mr. Bloomfield wants to end the partisan gridlock in Washington while assuring that there is still money left to run this country in the future.

This country is heading down a wasteful and dangerous path, with budget deficits, national debt, and entitlement liabilities that threaten our nation's way of life and the efficacy of our local leaders in providing basic services for the voters. On November 6th, I am asking every voter in the Santa Monica Bay to elect Bill Bloomfield for Congress, a resident who commands an impressive resume both in private and public interests.

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