Saturday, July 14, 2012

Waxman on the Stimulus Part One

In 2009 Waxman, convinced that the federal government could best stimulate America's ailing economy by means of massive spending initiatives, supported President Barack Obama's $789 billion economic-stimulus plan -- whose actual cost was estimated at $3.27 trillion by the Heritage Foundation. When asked why he believed that such spending levels would produce more desirable results than Franklin D. Roosevelt's federal spending programs had produced in the 1930s, Waxman said that Roosevelt had “failed ... to spend as much money as was needed to get people back to work and get the economy moving again.”
"Show Me the Money"

When will someone rise and shout --"Stop the Waxman Insanity?!"

A multi-billion dollar stimulus has turned into a trillion dollar failure.

The deficits wreaking havoc on this country's credit and viability for investment cannot stand for this outrageous and heedless and needless spending spree.

A Congressman who espouses the vain philosophy of Paul Krugman would do well to get out of office and hide away in a university., where these failed policies would only lead graduate students astray as opposed to bringing down the credit-rating and fiscal foundation of this country.

This Congressman actually wanted to shove more shovel-ready project money down the coffers of the states and local institutions, but the numbers and the resulting market downturn both point that all of this shovel-money has done nothing but turn the soil with nothing to show for the effort.

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