Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waxman is Feeling the Heat

In More Trouble Than He Thought
Reports across the country, taking off from the interview, have a read a more sinister narrative in Waxman's cup of tea.

The anti-incumbent backlash against Congress, against anyone currently in power, is  much stronger than Waxman and his established ilk seem willing to acknowledge.

Even the casually liberal New Jersey Star-Ledger has styled portions of the article along the same lines of "Is Waxman in trouble. ..?"

"The American Thinker" added the following:

Waxman is still considered a heavy favorite but what if there's an anti-incumbent backlash in November? Long time servers like Waxman would be targets in that scenario, and Bloomfield is in good position to take advantage of the situation.

Defeating Waxman should be a priority for the GOP this election year.

Not just for the GOP, but for California and the country, wiping out Waxman is the way to go!

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