Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waxman's Boorish Behavior -- Unsightly Oversight Committee Chairman

Oversight Chairman Henry Waxman
Once during his thankfully brief, frequently heated, and ultimately hated tenure as Government Oversight Committee Chairman (2007-2011), Waxman threatened to remove Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-California) during one hearing, who had justly requested that the chairman respect regular order, honor the other members who had questions of their own. 


Congressman Darrell Issa
It is telling how Waxman loves to shut down comments and queries from opposition members, yet he bites and snipes at leadership when reduced to ranking membership .

This conduct is simply unbecoming of any member of Congress. No matter what side of the aisle, a representative is expected to observe proper respect for the institution and decorum with fellow  members.

The outrageous, unsightly behavior of Mr. Waxman should no longer go unchecked. It's time for the voters of the 33rd Congressional district to engage in our own oversight and overthrow the reign of Henry Waxman.

(P.S. The gavel is not a weapon, Mr. Wack-man.)

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