Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waxman: "We're Not Broke!"

Congressman Waxman wasted no time in announcing that the United States of America is not broke. . .

"We're Not Broke."                                                                                 

If any statement by a sitting Congressman could spell out how out of touch, out of the loop, out of reality a politician can become, Mr. Waxman has won the award.

This country is drowning in debt.

We are facing now a $15 trillion national debt, one which is scaring markets and bond holders around the world.

Mr. Waxman, indeed this nation is broke. There is not enough revenue to compensate for the borrowing, the deficit spending, and the wasteful and unchecked entitlements which are threatening to turn the United States of America into the next Greece.

From Cap and Trade to ObamaCare, Mr. Waxman has never seen or drafted a bill that would not increase taxes and add layers of government on top of a national burden which can no longer be ignored.

The fact that this LA-based legislator can make such empty, offensive, and officious remarks in committee, presumably assuming that no one at home is listening, is another slight which cannot go without requisite consequences.

On November 6, the voters of the 33rd Congressional District have the welcome chance of a lifetime to retire Waxman and send Independent Bill Bloomfield,  an informed and accountable replacement, to Congress.

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