Monday, July 23, 2012

On Waxman's Take on Berman-Sherman

I find it appalling and unappealing that Congressman Waxman runs to the defense of Howard Berman, whose brother, per LA Weekly, helped protect incumbents for years through the redistricting process in the state legislature.
Forget Berman-Sherman -- We're Waiting for Waxman. . .

I find it disturbing that Mr. Waxman spends more time talking up the Valley, when he should be campaigning in the South Bay and throughout the Santa Monica Basin. In case he hasn’t noticed, Mr. Waxman has lost half his downtown-West LA constituency, and now must actually compete and communicate with voters for the first time in his nearly forty-year career.
I demand to know why this incumbent does not feel that it is incumbent upon him to pay respect to prospective voters in the newly designed 33rd Congressional district.
Is he ashamed to admit that he is the leader behind the largest tax increase in US History (ObamaCare)?
Does Waxman still stand behind his empty assertion that “We’re not broke,” even though we face trillion dollar deficits and national debt?
How does he justify hammering CEOs for multi-million dollar salaries, then dismiss the billions of dollars lost through government loans to green companies?
Waxman has much more to worry about than the Berman-Sheman tussle!

End the reign of Waxman the Taxman -- Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

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