Friday, July 27, 2012

End the Berman-Waxman Machine

LA Weekly (


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have  just reported that the junior Congressman, Brad Sherman, is winning the general election polls in the newly-drawn and highly contested 30th Congressional District.

Henry, are you feeling the heat? Incumbents are getting burned up in the wild-fire of voter protest that wants an end to politicians who have chosen their district, selected their constituencies, and think that they can dispense with "niceties" like listening to voters, seeking votes, and fulfilling campaign promises to run this country in line with the best interests of the American people.

Congressman Waxman went out of his way to promote his liberal machine-politician colleague in tax-and-spend statism, Howard Berman, and tried to get Sherman to back out of the race in the new 30th Congressional District. Sherman didn't budge, signalling that he was not afraid to defy the Democratic machine which has intimidated lobbyists and junior legislators in California for far too long.

Waxman even wrote to the Jewish Journal (
 denouncing columnist Bill Boyarksy's balanced analysis of the two Democratic incumbents records -- both have a liberal following, with very little legislation passed, according to

Berman's Thirty Years Have not Stopped the Sherman Surge
Yet Sherman has the outsider status of a politician who understands that voters choose the Congressman, not the other way around. Californians left and right like that, and they are registering their approval accordingly.

Even with the support of both senators and 25 other Democratic Congressmen in the California caucus, Berman the establishment candidate is losing to the "underdog" by 17 points.

Sherman is out-polling Berman  with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, the same constituency that is warming to Independent challenger Bill Bloomfield in the 33rd Congressional District and drifting away from Henry Waxman.

The anti-incumbent backlash is taking down Howard Berman, and Waxman better pay close attention, because he is an other entrenched, entitled incumbent, one who has never campaigned for his seat in Congress over the past three decades.. The voters in the state of California approved the jungle primaries and non-partisan redistricting for this very purpose: end the power of entrenched politicians who have become entitled to getting electing instead of earning the ear and respect of the voters who send them into office.

The Sherman surge is the bell tolling on the Waxman-Berman machine, and Mr. Waxman is going down with his colleague in Congressional collusion.

Berman-Waxman: Seventy Years of Unaccountable Incumbency
Coming to an END

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