Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To End Unsustainable Payments in Medicare -- End Waxman's Unsupporable Tenure

Henry Waxman's comments before the Health Subcommittee Hearing on SGR are laughable.

This Congressman is worried about the funding to Medicare, yet his own legislation, WaxmanCare, robs Medicare to the tune of $500 billion!

He helped create one of the largest entitlements in American History, a program which he failed to outline with sustainable and consistent funding.

This Congressman wants to go after Congressmen in the opposing  party for trying to cut spending and debt, when he has authored legislation that explode the public debt, all at the expense of the American people who want jobs, a demand which cannot be met as long as politicians push for more state power at the expense of everyone else.

Waxman wants to reform the SGR (sustainable growth rate) program in Medicare "this year." I cannot believe that this man really believes that he is going to lead the battle to cut spending on Medicare. Where was Waxman when Congress passed the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, which tied the sustainable growth rate down so as not to overtake the growth of national economy as a whole.

Washington can start implementing cuts and drastic reductions in spending the moment that left-leaning politicians like Henry Waxman are removed from office!

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