Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waxman vs. (South Bay) Blue Dog Denomination
Waxman is not just out of step with the voters in the 33rd, he is way of out line compared to the growing coalition of Blue Dog, fiscally conservative Democrats.

Yes, But it Made no Difference -- So much For Compromise. . .
Obama-WaxmanCare passed through reconciliation along a bare majority, with a significant block of Democrats in the House saying "No!"

The moderate Democratic temper is prevalent in the South Bay, whose liberalism is informed by less attention to social issues. Nevertheless, Waxman's strident socialism has not place in the Beach Cities, where wealth remains a valuable status in the hands of those who have earned and invested their keep through their own initiative.

The strident, near-Marxist principles that move Waxman have alienated members of his own party, and therefore should be more than enough to force registered Democrats of a less strident turn to support Bill Bloomfield, a businessman who has worked with Republicans and Democrats on key issues which affect everyone, including tort reform, gang prevention, school innovation, and expansion of the rights of the individual voter and worker.

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