Monday, July 23, 2012

Question for Waxman: How DO you Create Jobs?

 Still, your Democrat candidate [Waxman is certainly one of them] will likely remind you that President Obama inherited a bad economy and is now working to “creating jobs.” To this you may wish to simply ask “how is a job created?” Then listen carefully to the response. It will likely be highly amusing.

How indeed, Mr. Waxman, is a job created? Not through Obama-WaxmanCare, which is stifling investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship, mostly because the new Re Sea of Regulations is impossible to penetrate, and the rising costs, including the largest tax increase in American History, is discouraging businesses from hiring.

More than any other politician of note, Mr. Waxman continues to lay the blame of the slow recovery on the steps of the Bush-43 President, a hollow argument which will not sell well in large part because President Obama promised Hope and Change, yet after three years of pursuing his abortive policies, including an individual health care mandate which no one wanted, media personalities and even his own campaign managers David Plouffe  have acknowledged that Obama owns this economy.

Mr. Waxman, what do you have to say to that?

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