Thursday, July 12, 2012

No One Warming Up To Waxman's Global Warming Hysteria

Henry Waxman: Still attacking House Republicans. We need bipartisanship respect and rapport which will reach across the aisle to get government to do more by doing less.

Waxman will never stop harping on the benefits of Cap and Trade. We do not need an expansion of government in order to protect the environment.

We need to protect the culture of free enterprise and free inquiry which Green Extremism will frustrate.

Fifteen times Waxman has requested in writing for reports on Global Warming. Fifteen times members of the committee have chosen to focus on cutting spending, gutting waste, and putting an end to Big Government.

Nobody's Laughing, Henry
When will Henry Waxman finally concede that the voters want to know and believe that there will still be a United States of America that is no longer drowning in debt? It if foolish to pursue the dream of a green America when the reality of a red (as in "red ink" and debt") America is already upon us.

Loan guarantees need to be stopped, Green subsidies are making this country red, not green.

It's time for voters in the 33rd Congressional District to get rid with rage and remove the Congressman who has made the trees more important than the rights and liberties of the states and the people to create a commons that respects the needs of all!

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