Monday, July 30, 2012

Other Claims from the Waxman Camp

Here is a list of other claims from Waxman's recent YouTube campaign ad:
"Smokers aren't allowed to light up on airplanes"

"Nutritional food labeling came into existence"

"Took on Big Tobacco"

"Battled Oil industry lobbyists"

"Defended sick kids in need of health insurance"

"Crafted legislation that says families should have to choose between paying the rent and visiting the doctor"

"Creating real solutions to improve the lives of real people"

Waxman uses the same red-white-blue fade mantra of the "Hope" posters from Obama 2008.

Pushed bill on HIV/AIDS epidemic.

These and other bills are legislative efforts from another era.

What will Waxman do about the massive debts eating this country whole?

How does Mr. Waxman justify claiming that he helped ease working families' decision between the doctor and the rent, when ObamaCare is pricing many working families out of getting health care while also preventing them from acess the federal subsidies provided by the new law for low-income Americans who cannot afford to pay 9.5% of their pay toward health insurance?

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