Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aid for the 33rd -- Waxman Must Go!

Henry Waxman thinks that President Obama should do more to aid spreading assistance for AIDS treatment.

The country, and the state of California, and the 33rd Congressional District could use some aid -- ending the long tenure of Henry Waxman, whose Obama-WaxmanCare legislation is putting this country's health care system on life support.

Roughly 30 years ago, I chaired the first congressional hearings on the mysterious disease now known as HIV/AIDS.

I wonder if Waxman was as clueless on the matter of HIV/AIDS then as he was when questioning baseball players about steroid use in major league baseball.

He cares so much about access to quality healthcare in third-world countries, yet his legislation has raised premiums, diminished access, and has landed a huge tax increase on already struggling Americans.

If Mr. Waxman wanted to be a humanitarian, he should have founded his own, private organization. As a member of Congress, his priority is to protect our rights, legislate according to the enumerated powers of the Constitution, and respect the rights and integrity of the states and the people.

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