Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Matthew Seeks Bipartisanship from Partisan Waxman

Santa Monica's Laura Matthews is heading to Washington, D.C. to press for action on climate change.
Laura Matthews

Santa Monica resident Laura Matthews is heading to Washington, D.C. to ask Congress to take effective steps to stop climate change.

This environmental activist wants to change the climate of our world by appealing the political climate which currently glowers over Congress.

Her mission, to protect the earth from man-made heat, will make no headway in a divided government where Congressmen are listening to the voters across the country, men and women who want an end to the tax-and-spend statism that is sending this nation's fiscal future up the river.

Ms. Matthews is hoping that Mr. Waxman can cobble together a meaningful bipartisan bill to help save the planet.

I have no idea, besides Waxman's flagging outreach to the Santa Monica Bay, why anyone would conclude that Mr. Waxman could come up with a bipartisan anything. . .

Cap and Trade passed under the slimmest of margins, along with ObamaCare, two demanding pieces of legislation with imposing amendments.

Washington will produce more bipartisan legislation when the residents of the 33rd Congressional District remove the hyper-partisan Henry Waxman from office once and for all.

 The LA-based Congressman is one of the most left-leaning legislators in Congress, second only to Raul Grijalva of Arizona,

Besides, we need more attention to cutting the spending and limiting government, then we can talk about global warming.

Change the climate in Congress first! Retire Waxman November 6!

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