Saturday, July 14, 2012

Waxman on the ObamaCare Repeal

Waxman has the audacity to chide  Congress for attempting to repeal the unpopular and unhelpful Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Five Democrats cross party lines to vote for repeal, three of whom face heavy challenges in their districts this term, and Mr. Waxman may also face the music for ushering into law a sloppy and unsightly bill which has driven up costs and driven out carriers, limited access while blowing a  bigger whole in the national debt.

An easy and transparent marketplace cannot take place with a mandate, Mr. Waxman. The Los Angeles Congressman apparently sees no reason to read the papers are read the markets, and he certain pays no attention the virulent voter sentiment that hated this bill from the outset and still hates it to this day.

The government can mandate that insurance companies must provide care to all with pre-existing conditions, preventive care.

Waxman wants to move beyond the vote -- the American people do not want to move on. They do not want a tax, they do not wan the IRS beating them down because they cannot afford health insurance, the prices of which have only gone up because Waxman and Obama's atrocious market intervention.

A majority of voters want to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Mr. Waxman.

The House of Representatives represents the heart beat of this country, and they do not want this legislation.

Mr. Waxman contends in his statement to the house floor that the full bill has not yet been implemented.

Already, however, insured Americans are losing coverage or paying higher premiums. Insurance carriers are leaving the market instead of attempting to pay up to the demands of providing coverage with fee increases -- insurance is not free, and when government policies presume that they can create more coverage out of thin air, they in fact bring a great fiscal burden on companies, one that eliminates any profit or solvency.
"WaxmanCare", not ObamaCare
ObamaCare - or perhaps one can say "WaxmanCare" -- raids Medicare without returning the balance, yet the Democratic caucus, including the former House Energy Committee Chairman, have offered no explanation for how they plan to recoup the funds.

This bill has been out of favor with the American people, yet Mr. Waxman criticizes the Republican caucus, and some Democrats, who in his opinion should be focusing on job recovery.

Repeal ObamaCare, and employers will have the room and the risk-protection to take on new employees. Remove Waxman, and guaranteed the American people will see a rapid economic recovery with real reforms to health care costs.

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