Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Henry Waxman on Charter Communications

Global Warming: a Red Herring

Waxman wants to help create jobs. . .

Yet how has his signature achievement -- ObamaWaxmanCare -- done to job creation in this country.

Pipeline has nothing to do withe payroll tax extension, according to Congressman Waxman -- but is has much to do with creating jobs, a matter which Waxman has given much lip-service, but little action.

There is no complicit corruption between the Koch Brothers and the Keystone Pipeline.

For the truth about the Keystone Pipeline, please visit:

More Skepicism than He Thought
For the truth about the Global Warming argument, including the vast majority of voices and opinions which remain skeptical of the science, please visit:               

Here's a list --hardly exhaustive -- of intellects involved in studying climate change, all of whom still maintain their skepticism about the issue:

Here is an extensive list links indicating the alarmism of global warming:

The fact that a diversity of opinion still rages against the "global warming crisis" is enough to dissuade any serious voter to assume that global warming, or climate change, is a major problem requiring decisive and domineering action from the state.

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