Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waxman's Depression

From the first day in office, the Republicans have given the president ample opportunity to cut the spending, slash deficits, and decrease the national debt.

Waxman and company have pursued policies guaranteed to explode spending, crippling this country's investment potential while slowing economic growth and prolonging the anemic recovery which may be heading into another recession.

Int his clip, Waxman has taken up the same tired and trite mantra of the clueless and irresponsible Obama Administration, which has refused to take any responsibility for the $15 trillion national debt, $5 trillion of which exploded within the incumbent's term in office.

Waxman wearily repeats the same empty excuses, chastising President George W. Bush for wars in the Middle East and other entitlement spending, without offering any countering plan or set of policies which would drastically cut the budget and maintain the teetering solvency of the country.

Waxman neglects to mention the 2009 Obama stimulus that did not stimulate, the Cap and Trade Bill which he co-sponsored, which would have killed millions of jobs on top of the major losses sustained by the American people shortly after President Obama's inauguration. Then there is ObamaCare, which has ravaged insurance markets, jacking up premiums while limiting access, all outcomes which the President and his party assured would not happen with the passage of his bill.

Despite the grim economic news which casting nasty and unshakable pall over the Obama Administration., the Congressman cannot resist but label the current economic malaise a "Depression," one which he and one party rule have exacerbated with fruitless and unsolicited legislation to expand government and diminish the taxpayer.

A recession is when Obama manages economic policy, a Depression is when Henry Waxman describes the unsettling outlook for our country -- while refusing to take no responsibility for his part -- and a Recovery is when Waxman gets thrown out of office, replaced by an Independent who recognizes the need for committment to change with principled compromise.

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