Monday, July 30, 2012

Drive to Repeal WaxmanCare -- 55%
Obama-Waxman Care:
Nothing But Broken Promises
In previous weeks, public opinion reported 52% wanted ObamaCare repealed.

Today, Rasmussen Reports has just published a rise in popular sentiment for repeal of Obama-Waxman Care -- 55%, with 41% strongly supporting repeal of the unpopular law.

Henry Waxman's signature legislation was passed on three broken promises:

1. No tax increases, yet the law was upheld on the basis of Congress' taxing power, and has now become the largest tax increase in history.

2. The President and his supporters claimed that premiums would go down once the law was passed. In fact, premiums continue to rise at an average of $2,500.

3. The President and his liberal caucus, including Henry Waxman, assured Americans that they would be allowed to keep their current healthcare.

I spoke with a Redondo Beach resident this past weekend, and for two years he has been without health insurance, and he still cannot afford coverage.

I also contacted a retired teacher in the 33rd Congressional District, and he commented the that health insurance premiums have gotten more expensive for teachers. Rather than expanding access, ObamaCare has done nothing to ease the financial burden crippling teachers, many of whom are facing layoffs or cut in pay. The legislation that promised to ease costs and increase care has done the exact opposite.

Rasmussen has also reported that a small fraction of respondents have benefited from Obama-WaxmanCare, yet the vast majority of individuals polled have yet to enjoy any of the claimed "perks" of Obama-WaxmanCare.

Like President Obama, Congressman Waxman cannot run on this "signature" piece of legislation and hope for a win in the Santa Monica Bay.

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