Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waxman's Green Policies Wasting Green in the Beach Cities

Protect the Voters from the Protectors of the Environment
The Redondo Beach School Board wants to float a bond in order to fund technology upgrades and solar panels, the same district leadership that is begging (or threatening) residents to  support  Governor Brown’s tax hikes or the district will have to close the schools down for seventeen days.

Manhattan Beach Unified is holding out on granting a pay raise to teachers, yet they have granted a pay raise to district administrators and have contracted out retired administrators (who are without a doubt already receiving a generous pension from the state) to “consult” the current administrators on how to do their jobs, as if two people have to do the work of one person. Moreover, they have hired an “Energy Consultant” to cut future costs and save the environment.

The Beach Cities School Districts are so determined to save “Green” (as in the environment), that they are willing to waste “Green” (as in money) to fund abortive projects that have nothing to do with educating our youth our using our tax dollars in the best ways possible.

Is embattled incumbent Congressman Henry Waxman, who loves the environment to our hurt and the economy’s peril, pulling strings behind the scenes in our district schools? These policies of promoting the environment at the expense of our students and our communities -- this should make enough of us green with rage.
The same short-sighted policies of spending millions now in green technology now to save some green currency later is a foolish investment.  It seems that school boards have “Solyndra” on the brain, yet they have ignored the “inconvenient truth” that public monies to save the trees help an elite few and harm students and voters.

When will Beach City voters get “Red” with rage over all this “Green” getting wasted? When will votes in the 33rd Congressional District demand an end to waste, self-aggrandizing initiatives in the name of protecting our physical environment, when our students' learning environment is drying and dying away?

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