Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Henry Waxman: June 29 2012 Energy Committee Hearing

(Waxman's Opening Comments Before the Energy Committee)
Competition is the engine of economic growth, yet it would appear that Congressman Waxman is more concerned with the wildlife than the life and well-being of the American people.

He claims that Natural gas is a cheaper alternative for energy, thus making coal less viable, and thus excusing the rising unemployment among coal mining firms.

Waxman denigrates the current Republican Congress as one of the most anti-environmental in history. Has it not occurred to the Congressman that the American people are not worried about the plants and the trees, but rather the much needed resurrection of the economy?

The voters are looking for relief from a heavy tax burden. They want stable and consistent fiscal and tax policy, both of which will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to plan investments and expansion with a long-term view of their future.

Job creation cannot happen, nor be maintained, when tax cuts are handed out in two-year cycles and regulations are expanded and adjusted rapidly from year to year. With so much risk expected from future companies, the United States government needs to take the lead in doing as little as possible while the economy roars back into recovery.

The Clean Air Act, according to Waxman, is currently sustaining heavy assault from the GOP led House. The air has never been cleaner, the nation has never had more trees and more national parks, yet Waxman is still demanding more respect and greater attention to nature instead of nurturing free markets and private enterprise, both of which can enable a healthy environment without bankrupting the nation or limiting our freedoms as Americans.

The Republicans are not against Anti-Environmental Congress, nor do they dispute the role of science. The controversy surrounding climate change has not been established, with experts on both side of the debate. Even if the "noticeable" rise in earth's temperature is due to man's progress, the solution is not in driving businesses into oblivion and impoverishing developing nations with punishing standards that will offer a negligible effect on overall global temperature.

Mr. Waxman targets the wildfires burning in Colorado as a result of global warming, when one can just as justifiably indict the Obama Administration for failing to implement brush-fire removal and razing weeds and other wild growth which has accumulated to dangerous levels on the lowers levels of forests throughout the country.

The nation should not ignore, either, that President Obama has directed the National Guard to fight the raging wild fires in Colorado, but did not dispatch firefighters to Idaho or Montana, where other growing wildfires have erupted. The selective assistance offered by the President would suggest that even in the face of natural disasters, Obama is more concerned with getting reelected.

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