Monday, July 23, 2012

Questions for Congresman Waxman

If President Obama is committed to an ‘all of the above’ strategy [anything but drilling for oil], why did he reject the Keystone XL pipeline project that would have produced employment opportunities from the Canadian border all the way to Texas?”

Mr. Waxman will started shake a little if someone asked him this question. He actually claimed that the biggest reason why he rejects the Keystone pipeline is. . .

The oil from Canada is dirty. .

How elitist can one get? Does Waxman even know the price of milk or a gallon of gas? Congressman Ed Whitfield also gave Waxman a piece of his mind, and I am sure that the voters in the Santa Monica Bay will do the same!
"How do you feel about CBS News reporting that the Obama Administration has lost $6.5 billion of our money already on what they described as ‘risky green energy ventures?’ Did CBS lie to us?”
So far, Henry has only said "I'm sorry that Solyndra happened."

Yet these loans are not a matter of arbitrary fiat. These are legislated proposals, or worse yet executive emoluments, and Congressman Waxman is without excuse, completely accountable for all that has happened.

How do you respond to President Obama's policy of land-swaps, bringing Israel back to its Pre-1967 borders?

Waxman champions Obama on many matters, but how does the President stack up on throwing Israel under the buss, enough that a 3-to-1 Democratic burrough in Long Island elected GOP Bob Turner to replace the disgrace Anthony Weiner?

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