Saturday, July 14, 2012

Global Warming a Lukewarm Ruse

Congressman Waxman is melting with fear over the record heat and thunderstorms and wild fires breaking out in different parts of the country.

Still Pressing the Skeptical Argument
However, Mr. Waxman is more likely just drumming up a hollow issue for the Democratic Party to launch heated attacks.

“Congress cannot legislate responsibly if we do not listen to the experts and do not know what the consequences of our votes will be. That is why hearings are essential and why we are once again asking that the Committee hold them,” the letter from Waxman and Rush states.

The problem remains, however, that most experts are at best conflicted about climate change and the role of "greenhouse" gases in the rising of the earth's temperature.

Science the hands of power-hungry politicians can induce the worst encroachments of the government into our lives.

For all the legislation that Waxman has prepared, what has he done to mitigate the slowing economic recovery in this country?

How does he still stand by a president whose failed policies have extended a recessive recovery that could have taken off considerable without the excessive spending that followed.

The real heat, of course, has nothing to do with the weather or the global climate. In fact, the real mess lies with a Democratic caucus which is now feeling the brunt of rage from a voting public that was expecting relief from the Hope and Change president.

Nothing good has materialized then -- and protecting the air without any move to protect jobs or individual liberties will do more harm than good all around.

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