Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waxman Takes Down the Keystone Pipeline
(Starting at 15 minutes)

Henry Waxman opposes the Keystone pipeline extension for a number of fatuous reasons.

He claims that the pipeline will release greenhouse gases

One of which includes the "dirty oil" coming out of Canada.

Pipelines leak into the aquifers, Mr. Waxman claims,

Waxman has opposed to the pipeline on environmental grounds. Green fears cannot dictate government policy forever, otherwise farmers would never cut an acre of wheat. Building projects would never be built. The Environmental Protection Agency could launch stalling tactics against any kind of investment.

If Waxman wanted his way, perhaps the federal government would begin outlining where human beings could live and breathe and have their being. Why not halt transportation and development and commerce in this country all at once? The end of human truck and traffic would go a long way toward protecting the natural resources of this planet!

As usual, Waxman wrongly assumes that the Republicans were supporting the desecration of the environment, as if they are seeking to prosper a pipeline without any direction or planning. The Keystone Pipeline is more than an earmark for special interests, unless one considers job growth and energy independence a minute interest which should be discourage at all costs.

The Keystone Pipeline is a legitimate investment for this country, in league with a safe and stable partner country who has demonstrated a constant adherence to protecting the environment as well as providing hydrocarbon for fuel.

Waxman claims that the heat hitting the nation this summer is a result of the
I cannot think of a more vacuous excuse for halting the creation of jobs while ending this country's crippling dependence than the "dirty oil" coming out of the Great White North.

The environment will be a moot point if gas prices stay high, people cannot get any work, and our government remains unresponsive to the national debt ravaging our country.

The Keystone Pipeline is an easy job creator, a private initiative which will help the United States domestically and internationally. If Henry Waxman prizes the environment so much, let him run for the leadership in the Sierra Club.

The 33rd Congressional District needs a representative who will respect the rule of law and the rights of man, not just nature.

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