Friday, July 20, 2012

Gilliard is Wrong -- Waxman is Out!

Gilliard -- Take it Back!
“These types of things don’t happen to Henry Waxman,” said Dave Gilliard, a GOP consultant in Sacramento who advises several members of the state’s congressional delegation. “He’s too well-established. He’s been around for too long.”

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Republican operatives in California perhaps have gotten far too accustomed to defeat.
It is a tad disheartening to read a GOP consultant claim that Waxman cannot be removed.
Ironically, the very reason why Gilliard thinks that Waxman will remain is one of the many reasons why Waxman is vulnerable and certain to face a rising tide of voter discontent that sweeps him out of office!
Henry Waxman has crowded the halls of Congress for 38 years, with nothing but badgering and bullying to show for his tenure.
He claims to support health care and environmental issues, yet ObamaCare, or rather WaxmanCare, is not only one of the largest tax increases in history, but has led to higher premiums and less access to insurance coverage as greater number of carriers are going out of the health insurance business entirely.
Cap and Trade has ruined economic innovation across Europe, yet has not done one bit of good for the environment. Nevertheless, Waxman wanted to impose a similar draconian program here in the United States, which a handful of progressive commodity carriers could profit from while businesses would flee the country and joblessness would explode.
Gilliard is wrong - Waxman has every reason to worry. He has faced token opposition for over three decades, and during his term in office he has made the most fatuous remarks, he has frustrate free people and free enterprise, and he has done so with a free pass from constituents and the mainstream media.
Now facing a real challenge for the first time, he has no time left to cover up for his lack of oversight and hindsight to excuse his poor record and poor conduct in Congress.
Gilliard is wrong -- Waxman is out!

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