Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waxman's Boorish Behavior -- Capped on Cap and Trade

As minority leader, John Boehner (R-Ohio) ripped through the 300 page climate change bill, Cap & Trade HR 2454, a job-killer and bureaucracy-booster shepherded to the House floor by Henry Waxman.

Part One
Part Two -- In this post, Waxman attempted to stall Boehner's adequate appraisal.

Boehner outlined sensibly the rank failure of this bill to protect the environment without taxing the American people and throttling any meaningful economic recovery. Boehner and his allies concede the importance of clean air and improved conditions for our natural resources. An energy tax then and now is not appropriate. The job losses which would result from the grand expansion of the federal government under the Waxman-Markey bill.

Parliamentary maneuvers on the part of the California Democrat proved rude and ultimately moot.
The bill passed by the slimmest of margins, 219-211, but died in the Senate. The sheer demarcations of one party against another could not more clearly spell out how

Like ObamaCare, the President and his overly liberal allies in Congress, including Mr. Waxman, have chosen much of time to focus on inane and unnecessary legislation, bills which would frustrate economic recovery without extending freedom to local businesses while scaling back the proper role of government to its constitutional limits.

Mr. Waxman has yet to produce any meaningful policy that will tame the outrageous deficits and debt that are eating away at this country' future.

Cap and Trade is the last piece of environmental policy which this country needs, whether a voter is a dedicated environmentalist or a full-blown libertarian convinced that the federal government should play no role whatsoever in protecting the environment.

Mr. Waxman has spent too much time on the floor of the House and in committee propping up abortive legislation which has polarized Congress instead of bringing like-minded and well-informed legislators to solve the fiscal and security matters plaguing our nation.

The 33rd Congressional District needs an independent-minded representative, one who will not press excessive amendments at the last minute, without bipartisan input to provide a bill bringing both sides together.

Bill Bloomfield can and will represent the 33rd Congressional District, with the express intent of passive legislation which benefits his constituents, working with different political parties, ensuring that Congress starts working again.

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