Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maddow: "Waxman, the Definition of 'Oversight'"

"Henry Waxman, the man whose picture will be in the dictionary some day next to the word "oversight." -- Rachel Maddow

It is unsightly how Henry Waxman had little insight into the large role that Fannie-Mae and Freddie Mac played in the housing crisis which in turn led to the Great Recession.

It is unsightly that Mr. Waxman went after steroid use during his Oversight Committee hearings on the use of the drug in Major League Baseball, yet had no insight on the basic elements of the matter when a constituent confronted him about the regulations and earmarks to educate the country about the drug.

It is unsightly how Mr. Waxman treats his colleagues in Congress, accusing them of playing politics when he attempts to define a recession as a depression, then blames the previous administration for the failed policies of the current president.

It is unsightly that Mr. Waxman has authored legislation that does not bring both parties together, but rather sponsors legislation that will explode our debt and waste taxpayer dollars

The unsightly lack of oversight of Congress spending money that this country does not have on programs that Waxman does not understand to manage an economy that neither Waxman nor Obama understand all point out how little oversight this Congressman really has.

No one in the 33rd Congressional district should neglect to overlook this legislator's lack of oversight on issues most pertinent to the voters in the Santa Monica Bay.

This nation will breath a sigh of relief when the 33rd Congressional district, the California Congressional Caucus, and the entire country will never have to bear the sight of the unsightly Henry Waxman again!

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