Monday, July 23, 2012

Waxman Grilling BP Hayward --

"Even though you've worked twenty-eight years in the oil industry? You're the BP CEO and you've said like a laser safety is the biggest issue and you have people under you making these kinds of decisions and now you're reviewing them...

Since then, British Petroleum has done an exception job of cleaning up the gulf, undoing the terrible mess which its refinery had created in the region. Since this hearing in 2010, Mr. Hayward has been removed from leadership in the corporation.

Now, Congressman Waxman has been in power for 38 years, and this country is hurting under trillion deficits and debts. He has had 38 years of time and oversight to make decisions and casts votes in the best interests of the American people, yet this country is on a fast road to fiscal ruin.
Answer Your Own Questions, Henry!

I'm just amazed at this testimony, Mr. Hayward, you're not taking responsibility. You're kicking the can down the road and acting as if you have nothing to do with this company and nothing to do with the decisions." - Rep. Henry A. Waxman

Congressman Waxman has been kicking the can down the road for decades regarding debts, deficits, and out-of-control spending in Congress.

We have kicked the can down the road long enough. It is time to kick Waxman out of office.

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