Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waxman's Boorish Behavior -- Refuses to Recognize Authority

Ed Whitfield of Kentucky
Congressman Ed Whitfield of Kentucky demonstrated a remarkable and calm savvy in the face of Mr. Waxman's disgraceful attempt to justify stopping construction on the Keystone Pipeline. Wonders indeed abound why Mr. Waxman refused to present any decorum. He felt fully justified to shut down Mr. Issa three years ago, yet he sees no reason presently to respect the time yielded to him as a ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee.
Waxman Whacked by Whifield

Waxman wants to wipe out any opposition to his agenda, one which promotes green causes that will chase green (as in"money") out of this country. He fights with committee and floor participants, he cuts off opposing view points, he rejects decorum in a manner unfitting a representative.

The voters of the 33rd Congressional District need a representative who is willing to work with members of Congress, not just hammer away and bolster the political partisanship which refuses to reduce the deficits or diminish the national debt threatening our country's sovereignty and future.

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