Saturday, July 14, 2012

Waxman on the Stimulus: The Numbers in the Nation and California

Let us take one more look at where these stimulus dollars actually ended up:

Waxman Should be Under Oath
$35 billion went to California in government contracts, yet the Golden state is still suffering with the high official unemployment, not counting the unofficial number of people who have given up looking for work altogether.

The California Employment Development agency reports that unemployment remains high, even refusing to provide a specific percentage (

Department of Numbers reports that California's numbers remain at 10.8%, two points above the national average, and still the third-highest reported unemployment in the country.
The website also claims that stimulus saved about 158,000 jobs, but what about the staggering losses which this country has endured in the labor market since Obama took office?

Bloomberg News reported that under Obama, 95% of moderately-skilled

3.2 million jobs have been been lost in office and sales.

1.2 million jobs in transportation have also been lost.

Construction jobs have also fallen off -- and the President can drum up support for more bridges and roads, there is no money.

159,000 is a drop in the bucket, and a salt in the wound for the 4 million Americans still looking for a job -- plus the dark figure of unemployed who have given up looking for work.

Median household income has decreased substantially under Obama, as well.

Even during the 1982 recessions, jobs bounced back. Under Obama, even after the stimulus, the jobs have not returned.

Even worse, the June jobs report indicates that job growth is weakening substantially, reduced to but one fourth of the job numbers posted during the first quarter of this year (Source:

Mr.Waxman cannot stimulate any enthusiasm for himself in parading the benefits of the Obama Stimulus.

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