Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Contempt in Congress -- Waxman and Company

In Contempt with Congress
Henry Waxman has nothing but contempt for the recent  "Contempt" vote in the House of Representatives against Attorney General Eric Holder.

Waxman has the brazen audacity to claim that the current Congress is one of the most partisan in history, and clear source for the low opinion that the American voters have for the legislative branch. When he is not dragging witnesses of all stripes before the Oversight Committee, he justifies his crass interruptions and

"Compromise is a dirty word"according to the LA Congressman, yet nothing scream "blind hypocrisy" like one of the most left-leaning politicians in Washington's history,  one of the chief architects of ObamaCare and abominable Cap and Trade legislation, both of which were pushed through to a floor vote without any Republican input or support. The two bills even alienated key Democratic votes in the House!
In Contempt with Voters

Waxman waxes whiny about the crippled role of the he minority, as if "the minority vote does not count" -- yet in every election cycle, the voters and the pundits in this country have been well-aware the partisanship is all but assured in the House of Representatives, when the sentiment of popular majority holds greater sway then the pull of the minority.

Still, when it came to tax cuts, bipartisan majorities have been more than willing to pass on tax relief to the American people -- except for Mr. Waxman, of course. . .,
"Partisan and despicable", Waxman commented when he described the Holder contempt vote.

Those two words would just as aptly describe the overly long tenure of Henry Waxman!.
For Henry Waxman to talk about respect and decorum in the House of Representatives would be like a vampire lecturing the Red Cross on how to store blood more properly!

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