Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Kos Underestimates CA 33rd Competition

The Daily Kos has underestimated the contest brewing in the 33rd Congressional District.


Run-down statistics on the 33rd Congressional District (April 23, 2012). No

The Daily Kos provided the following stats on the 33rd:

California's 33rd Congressional District: Henry Waxman (D), Beverly Hills, Redondo Beach.
President: Obama 64%, McCain 33%
Governor: Brown 55%, Whitman 40%
Senate: Boxer 55%, Fiorina 39%
(Source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/04/23/1084596/-Golden-State-Smackdowns-A-Guide-to-the-2012-Congressional-Races-in-California)

The Daily Kos predicted that the political fight would be negligible at best. Of course, the writer did not yet know who was going to win the June primary. Despite the widespread Democratic element in this district, Independent Bill Bloomfield has fielded his resume, a diversity of coalitions and attachments which will certainly draw out a greater number of voters than the ones who voted in the June 5th primary.

The turnout for the June 5th primary was very low -- about 90,000, compared to the 600,000 plus residents who currently live and vote in the district.

Mr. Waxman will have a real challenge in the general election for the first time in office, enough to compel him to justify, or at least explain, his poor bipartisanship and excessive promotion of legislation which neither helps the country nor his Southern California base.

The man has been in office for too long. Mr. Waxman is certain to wear thin come November, when voters throughout the district realize how out of touch and unaccountable he has been.

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