Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama-WaxmanCare Cripples Hospitals

Congressman Waxman claimed that the signature legislation which he helped cram through Congress would increase access for all Americans.

A recent report points out that hospitals nationwide, which are required by law to care for any patients who enter the hospital, will have to eat the costs for the growing number of illegal immigrants, individuals who will not be taxed for not purchasing insurance, as they cannot be tracked down by the IRS.

The article reports: The calculation leaves out one key group of uninsured people: illegal immigrants, who will not be required to buy health insurance or be eligible for Medicaid, or be allowed to purchase insurance on state-run exchanges under the law.

Illegal immigrants cannot purchase health care and they cannot be taxed to pay for not purchasing health care, yet they are still entitled by law to receive this care.

This immense costs was not addressed at all in Obama-WaxmanCare, a crippling and expensive oversight which will force more hospitals to close, raising the cost of health care while diminishing access across the board.

Mr. Waxman, was this the onerous results that you intended when passing this law which you so proudly stand behind?
Unintended Consequences of Obama-WaxmanCare Unaccounted for. . .

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