Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Waxman's Thoughts on Syria Are. . .?

President Barack Obama faces overwhelming domestic conflicts in his second term. Department of

Then there's Benghazi, in which the President and his diplomatic corps presented a narrative of sudden surprise attacks rising up against the Libyan consult because of an offensive YouTube video. The reality has proven quite different, including reports from the consulate that terrorists were planning an attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. Even though embassy officials requested more security, the State Department never delivered, and four Americans died on September 11, 2012. Every major network covered a one-year anniversary tribute to the victims.

In spite of his domestic failures and the growing scandals assaulting his administration, President Obama has attempted to distract the country from the pressing issues of high unemployment, his train wreck of an insurance mandate, and our nation's diminished standing in the world.

He wants to attack Syria and end the humanitarian crisis overseas.
Justice officials were seizing phone records of AP reports. The NSA has been spying on everyone's cell phone and reading emails. The IRS was targeting conservative groups, refusing to grant them tax-exempt status. The EPA was also engaged in this invidious discrimination. Operation Fast and Furious permitted Department of Justice officials to run guns to Mexican drug cartels, weapons which killed American law enforcement officers.

Former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) asserted that if President Obama insisted on attacking Syria without Congressional approval, he will face impeachment. For administrative cover, Obama finally sought Congressional approval (as if he did not have to)

I recently contacted Congressman Henry Waxman's office regarding Obama's request for authorization to strike Syria. According to his staffers, Waxman has not issued a public opinion on whether to authorize President Obama to engage Syria with military strikes or not.

Frankly, the majority of voters in this country are tired of foreign wars, tired of military ventures into the Middle East, which strengthens radical elements while displacing allies and destabilizing Israel's stance.

Syria does not post a direct military threat to this country. Our reconnaissance operatives have little knowledge about the rebels fighting against Syrian dictator-President Bashar al-Assad. The embattled President has taken back Damascus, and the rebel forces are a muddled amalgam of secular and Islamic extremist forces, including Al Qaeda. If the United States military insists on military strikes, our leaders will have no idea whether they are assisting "

If conservative Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
has made up his mind, if liberal Democrat Brad Sherman has published his views on the matter, then Congressman Henry Waxman has no excuse for taking so long to published a reasoned opinion.

Urge Congressman Henry Waxman to vote "NO!" on any resolution which authorizes the President to send American troops to Syria. Call Congressman Henry Waxman's office, and demand that he vote "No!" on any resolution to strike Syria. There is no reason for our troops to invade Syria, nor is there any reason for our air force to attack the region.

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