Thursday, March 13, 2014

Waxman: Retreating, Not Retiring was too kind.
Waxman is retreating.
not retiring.
Congressman Henry Waxman announced earlier this year that after forty years of serving in the House of Representatives, he is choosing to retire.
However, six months prior, he had issued an eblast to supporters declaring why he needed to run for office again, citing the usual liberal litany of causes (climate change, raising taxes, health care reform). A few weeks before announcing his retirement, he had conducted an interview with LA Weekly, which included comments from Independent challenger Marianne Williamson along with his 2012 campaign rival Bill Bloomfield of Manhattan Beach.

For all apparent purposes, it looked as if Waxman was prepping to run for Congress again. Why would he change his mind?
In the last four months following the Obamacare rollout, millions of Americans have witnessed their health insurance premiums rise, their doctors retire, or their insurance companies cancel clients’ current plans, the same plans which Congressional Democrats ad promised we could keep.

Reviewing the Obama Administration, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal offered: “We can no longer call Jimmy Carter the worst President in American History”. The investigations into Operation Fast and Furious and IRS abuses which targeted conservatives have deeply implicated the President and his party. The GM bailout, which Waxman championed, cost taxpayers billions of dollars, according to MSNBC. The only winners following the Solyndra fiasco, for which Waxman barley apologized, where Obama’s donors.
No one should wonder why Waxman is quitting. Not “retire”, but “retreat” is the word to describe Waxman’s decision not to run for office.

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