Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Highlights of Peninsula Harbor Republicans Meeting June 27: Bill Bloomfield

Mr. Bill Bloomfield addressed the Peninsula Harbor Republican meeting after Mr. Huey's brief surprise appearance. Before leaving, Huey argued that his stance against public-sector unionism and special interest infiltration and pro-growth agenda would assist candidate Bloomfield in his election bid to take down Congressman Waxman, the Democratic incumbent running to represent the newly-outlined 33rd Congressional district.

Mr. Bloomflield outlined a number of issues which will attract the attention of voters throughout the Santa Monica Bay. The horrendous levels of public debt, for example, are pushing this level toward the debt and deficit future which is dooming Greece to fiscal insolvency.

At the outset, Bloomfield indicated his native status to the region, born in Los Angeles, yet based currently in Manhattan Beach. He established

He has an impressive resume, not just in leading and prospering private enterprising in the region, but also in establishing and running civil organizations to end lawsuit abuse and improve our public schools. He assisted Senator John McCain during his abortive early months leading up to the 2008 campaign, when the Arizona senator pulled off an astonishing upset and took the GOP Presidential nomination.

He admitted that he has worked with Republicans and Democrats on a number of issues, including school reform, electoral reform to increase the power of the voter at the expense of career politicians, and curbing the power of special interests, a hegemony which is throttling recovery in Washington D.C. A founder of the "No Labels" group, Bloomfield has refused to sign any pledges. He is open to working with both sides in Congress in order to get much needed fiscal sanity back into our government. He has not yet indicated which speaker he would vote for if elected to Congress.

Acknowledging himself as a former member of the GOP, Bloomfield argued frequently that he is running as an independent because he wants to put an end to the "hyper-partisan" gridlock which is slowing down any meaningful debt and deficit reduction in Washington D.C. The Manhattan Beach resident also exposed that his Democratic challenger, Henry Waxman, has voter 99% of the time with the Democratic caucus in Congress, refusing to cross party lines to help the United States and the American people.

"I am doing this for my kids, for the future generation," Bloomfield announced when explaining why he is running for Congress. Like many Americans, he wants to leave a prosperous nation to the next generation, but the current lack of leadership, combined with ceaseless partisanship, has yielded no results to solve this nation's grave and growing problems.

Bloomfield wants to end this country's addiction to foreign oil, and end the financial benefits to petrol cartels which also threaten the United States national security.

He wants to reform healthcare, signaling that he is willing to vote for the repeal of ObamaCare while negotiating for the more favorable elements of the bill, including coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions.

Mr. Bloomfield is a seasoned and independent alternative to Henry Waxman, a politician who has "served" in Congress for nearly forty years, a record of partisanship advancing a progressive-elitist agenda out of step with the needs and the will of the American people, specifically the voters of the new 33rd Congressional district along the Santa Monica Bay.

Facing a 44-28 Democratic advantage, Bloomfield wants to attract the 28% of "decline to state" voters along with any disaffected Democrats in the district. He informed the Peninsula Harbor Republicans that he won first place in the Beach cities and Palos Verdes, which will more than vault his chances of undoing the incumbent from Beverly Hills, who acknowledged that the primary had a very low voter turnout.

The general election is heating up, and Bloomfield is already acquainting himself with voters throughout the district, pitching a platform of moderation and reform that will unite the Santa Monica Bay and put an end to the unworkable frustrations of politics before party in Washington D.C.

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