Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From Teachers to Police Officers to Postal Workers

Congressman Henry Waxman:

He told Congressman Mick Mulvavey that you "did not know" that GM went bankrupt in 2009.

He  supported the GM auto bailouts, even though two major auto companies went bankrupt that year, but the company with the union workers got the bailout from Washington.

The same bailout, which helped the United Autoworkers, ended up hurting the retired teachers and police officers of Indiana, whose pension funds lost millions of dollars for the autobailouts.

He supported the bailouts, and Congressman Mulvaney wanted to know what you had to say to those teachers and police officers.

Now, another government agency is facing bankruptcy. I say "another" because GM is now a publicly owned company, yet I have yet to see any real dividends from the "corporate buy-out" or "hostile takeover". At any rate, another government agency is having a hard time paying its bills, the United States Postal Service, and the same company is threatening to do away with Saturday service.

In 2006, he co-sponsored a bill, the 2006 Postal Accounablity and Enhancement Act, which required the Postal Service to provide health benefits seventy-five years in advance within one decade. The agency has shifted $5 billion every year for the past seven, with $44 billion in reserve, yet the company is facing huge shortfalls, with layoffs looming, plus the end of weekend service.

During 2006, he was receiving donations from three major postal worker unions. Those contributions likely contributed to his willingness to support bolstered health care funding for the select cadre of workers, or at least those union leaders.

Because of this massive, mandated payout, post offices are closing throughout the country, including the Fifth Street Post Office in Santa Monica, along with growing layoffs. The very workers whom he claimed to support, he has ended up hurting.

From teachers to police officers to postal workers, Waxman does not seem to care.

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