Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poverty Programs Inpoverish People

Congressman Henry Waxman loves poor people.

Or he loves people poor.

Perhaps he should pay a visit to Stanford economics professor Thomas Sowell, whose research proves that poverty programs create wealth for bureaucrats and economists, and government bought statisticians, but do nothing to alleviate people in poverty.

I cannot think of policies which can be more ruinous to any people than the ongoing handout culture which tells people that they cannot make it on their own. Instead, they need handouts, handouts, handouts.

It is both immoral and unjust to give people other people's money, not just because it unjustly punishes those who work, earn, save, and invest, but because even the takers themselves get taken, and cannot take themselves out of the cycle of dependence.

The system of pay out and bailout is shameful enough with Washington and Wall Street. People deserve a break, too, from the government slop and sloth which keeps people down and out.

If Congressman Waxman really cared about the poor, then why not cut the spending, cut the taxes, and cut the government out of our lives, so that more Americans, more families, can get off the foodstamps and stamp their mark on the big world out there?

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