Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Democrats Not Proud of "Proud Democrat" Henry Waxman

"I am a proud Democrat" Henry Waxman would repeat this phrase throughout his campaign against Independent Billionaire Bill Bloomfield.

Yet the entire Democratic delegation endorsed Howard Berman, yet not one Congressman, and neither of the Senators endorsed Waxman.

Even former House Rep Jane Harman refused to endorse Henry Waxman.

I remember a post which I had read for one of my pieces on Henry Waxman.

He was a Redondo Beach resident, now a state department official living in Virginia. He commented:

One of the campaign managers for the Bloomfield campaign was also a Democrat, and he expressed his displeasure with Waxman, enough that (in secret) he was running a campaign for the Independent to unseat the Congressman.

How many other Democrats would love to step forward and repudiate the former half of the Westside Valley political machine?

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