Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thank You, David Bischoff

From the Argonaut Newspaper (May 9, 2013 edition)

Protections for veterans

 Re: “Broken promises” (Argonaut letters, May 2).

 The letter writer shouldn’t ridicule Rep. Henry Waxman for not showing up at important environmental meetings in his district. He is just too busy helping homeless veterans at the Westwood Veterans Administration facility.

 In his 38 years as a United States congressman he’s done everything possible to prevent homeless/medical needing veterans from having a home at the Westwood facility; assisting leases to occur for Brentwood private schools, leases for school athletic fields, golf courses, dog parks, university baseball stadiums, public parking lots for nearby national golf tournaments and assisting 30 1930s-era lobotomy prisons buildings to be declared “historical” so nothing can be touched.
But now things have changed and Waxman and his friend, Sen. Diane Feinstein are very busy renovating Lobotomy Building 209 for $20 million, so 65 homeless veterans can have a home to heal after war. The reason they both are pushing this project is because there’s a lawsuit against the Westwood VA for violating the Deed of 1888 (which created the Westwood VA campus) and the rights of 6,000 to 8,000 homeless veterans for not providing a home.

 The American Civil Liberties Union, which is handling the lawsuit along with support from the Annenberg Foundation, feels that they can prove the deed has been violated and that both Waxman and Feinstein should have been protecting veterans rather than catering to nearby wealthy homeowner communities.

 Personally, I’m disappointed that the $20 million couldn’t be spent more efficiently. At over $300,000 per veteran at #209, a “Tent City” could be created for 1,000 veterans with beds, showers, barbers, health care review and maybe some job opportunities direction.

 So letter writer, I’m sorry, but #209 needs to be finished before the lawsuit gets ruled on. Westwood VA needs to prove that they’re obeying the deed and taking care of all those homeless vets.

 David Bischoff
Los Angeles

My response:

David Bischoff:

Your subtle sarcasm is superb.

Romney depressed the voter turnout in 2012. No doubt, Bloomfield would have won had there been a stronger standard-bearer for the Republican Party, as Independent Bill Bloomfield was reaching out to all voters, including Republicans who would have elected a ham sandwich, a homeless person, or Lucifer instead of Henry Waxman.

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