Monday, April 29, 2013

Waxman and ObamaCare

Campaigning for office for the first time in decades, Congressman Henry Waxman rallied behind the Affordable Care Act, which he claimed would bring down the costs of health care while expanding access without taxing anyone.

The Supreme Court upheld the law as a tax. Premiums are sky-rocketing throughout the country. Leading Democrats who had supported this bill are calling it “a train-wreck” which will create a “third-world”experience for providers and patients. Because of Obamacare’s prolixity, California faces an unprecedented doctor shortage. Insurance companies are limiting coverage or abandoning the industry altogether. Business refuse to hire workers or they are cutting hours.

How much longer will voters tolerate Waxman’s unrepentant ignorance about the consequences of his own legislation? Obamacare’s incompetent, uninformed micromanaging fully exposes that political elites like Waxman care only about power, not the people they represent. “We the People” must not permit him another elected term in office.

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