Friday, April 26, 2013

Waxman's Latest Screed against Financial Reponsibility

Congressman Henry Waxman is prepping for his next election, apparently.

He still sends out intermittent emails to inform campaign supporters from the 2012 election about current developments in Washington.

In his latest email blast, Waxman blasts Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal. His screed is full of distortions and talking points. All the while he continues to jab at Republicans, conservatives, and the many independent and conservative Democratic values of balancing budgets and securing this country's future, he provides no plan's beyond "Not this one."

While I have provided the letter in italics, I have also provided the truth and the full account which verifies, clarifies, or repudiates Waxman's remarks. Comments afterward will touch on the proper course of action which our government should take to tackle the debts and deficits dooming this country.

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago, the House of Representatives adopted the Ryan Budget Plan. The Ryan Budget is a replay of the unbalanced and ideologically driven approach to deficit reduction that we’ve seen before: 
Medicare – The Ryan Budget would break our promise to seniors by converting Medicare into a voucher program. Under the plan, seniors would get a lump sum to buy private insurance without any guarantee that insurers would provide them with the coverage they need at a cost they can afford.

The current government is already breaking promises to seniors, youth, and future generations by promising funds which will not be there as long as the federal government continues to spend money which it does not have. The deficit spending is twice the level of Bush 43's eight years in office, and President Obama has promised nothing to reduce the deficits and debt, or even the gridlock, which is preventing anything from getting done.

Affordable Care Act – The Ryan Budget would repeal the Affordable Care Act, the law which will give nearly 30 million Americans access to affordable health insurance. It would also allow insurance companies to return to past practices, such as denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and charging women higher rates for coverage.

One has to wonder what color is the sky in Congressman Henry Waxman's make-believe world of universal access and healthcare

Medicaid – The Ryan Budget would force deep cuts in Medicaid and convert the cash-starved program into block grants for the states to administer. 

By turning Medicaid into a block grant, the program could sustain deep cuts without diminishing the amount of relief which Americans have already paid in and expect to receive in their retiring years. Block grants were a great idea to Democratic President Bill Clinton. He turned welfare programs into block grants, so that the states would administer them more effectively. Does Congressman Henry Waxman really entertain such a low opinion of state governments?
Investments in Our Future – The Ryan Budget would make deep cuts in education, student financial aid, food assistance, transportation, scientific and medical research, food safety, clean energy, national parks, and other key investments.

This condemnation is misleading. The federal government should not be investing in these programs in the first place.

Tax Breaks for Top Earners and Corporations – The Ryan Budget would lower the top tax rate for individuals and corporations at a cost of $6 trillion, and it says it would pay for these tax cuts by closing unidentified loopholes in the tax code. It fails to close a single special interest tax break to help reduce the deficit.

Loopholes are bad. Across the board tax cuts are better. Businesses are hurting under the current President's policies. ObamaCare taxes are anathema to Democrats and Republicans.

Jobs -The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the Ryan Budget would cost 2 million jobs in 2014 in addition to the 750,000 job losses already expected to result from this year’s across-the-board budget “sequester.” 

The "sequester scare" is not working. Liberal and conservative governments have enacted drastic cuts, and businesses thrived, employment climbed up, and investment and opportunity rebounded.
I’m working as hard as I can with President Obama and our congressional allies to ensure that our deficit reduction plan uses a balanced approach that reflects public priorities and requires shared sacrifice.

How does Congressman Henry Waxman plan on balancing anything if there are no cuts? He wants the "rich" to pay "their fair share". Even if "the rich" paid 100% in taxes, all of that tax revenue would not make one dent toward alleviating the country from the heavy national debt which weighs all the  more heavily on this country.

Furthermore, Waxman has offered nothing substantial in response to Congressman Paul Ryan's budget. The US Senate finally passed a budget after four years, which does not even balance, let along bring down the cost of doing business in Washington or throughout the country.
Henry A. Waxman

There is nothing sincere about Henry Waxman's cheap attacks against any responsible legislator who refuses to ignore the looming "Jackass" in the middle of the room: the unsustainable entitlement mentality which demands more from the government yet refuses to tell the voters the clear and unvarnished truth.

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