Friday, April 5, 2013

Henry Waxman and Moonbattery

Moonbattery went after Henry Waxman once again for his stance on gun control.

Of course he would favor removing the guns from law-abiding citizens.

As a progressive who advances faith in the government and state-sponsored force at the expense of the individual citizen and individual liberty.

How strange and disturbing all at once that one Democrat, Thomas Jefferson, would champion an American's right to own a firearm, while another Democrat would go out of his way to take away the right for those who fear government tyranny from owning a firearm.

Congressman Henry Waxman has advanced, approved, and enabled massive government encroachment at the expense of the states and the people.

As overreaching Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Waxman investigated steroid abuse in baseball and lead in toys, yet all the while he ignored the plight of tens of thousands

His Cap and Trade bill would have killed millions of jobs, yet would have done absolutely nothing to reduce carbon pollution. 30,000 plus scientists have disputed or discredited the outrageous, extravagant, and ultimately useless policy. A Ponzi Scheme which would mimic the Housing Crisis instead of diminishing greenhouse gases, Henry Waxman was merely showing his true corporatist colors.

Obama-WaxmanCare instituted a massive expansion of the federal government, one-sixth of the nation's economy. Insurance companies are raising premiums or diminishing access or getting of the health insurance industry altogether. The state of California is facing an unprecedented doctor shortage. Even Democratic strategist Donna Brazile shared on Twitter that her health insurance premiums have increased, yet she could not say why (?!)

Henry Waxman has never connected fear, government, people, or individual liberty,  unless he champions instilling fear in other people so that he can expand the federal government at the expense of everyone else.

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