Friday, April 26, 2013

Keystone is Going Through, Congressman!

Keystone is a winner for Republicans and all business interests, whether left or right leaning.

Unions want the pipeline. They want the jobs which come with the construction of the pipeline.

The environmental interests may be clashing with the Obama Administration on this issue, but unions are more politically aligned, and they can aggregate their populist power more efficiently than any green interests.

Climate Change activists cannot change the employment concerns which are weighing on voters in this country.

People do not want to be dependent, Congressman, whether on foreign oil, which is getting more expensive. Gas prices are rising to prohibitive levels, twice the cost that motorists had to pay during George W. Bush's presidency.

People do not want to be dependent, Congressman. The citizens of the United States want jobs, they want more access to cheaper fuel for their cars, and they want to keep the green in their wallets.

Keystone is going through, Congressman! Stop complaining about the "dirty oil". Washington leaders need to get their dirty hands off of business interests, corporate investments, and broken promises, all of which have made a sluggish economy slow down further, and imperil people to depend on the state, which itself needs a handout.

Keystone needs to go through, Congressman. The Gulf Coast has more than recovered from the BP oil spill of 2010, and the tourism industry has rebounded. An energy expansion is now due for the people living and seeking to thrive once again in the Gulf states.

Let Keystone go through.  Bloomfield supported it, and so should you.

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