Sunday, December 2, 2012

Congressman Waxman: Impeach Obama!

Congressman Henry Waxman attended a progressive forum in the Westside in 2007. He tried to allay the outrage of Progressives and Leftists that he would not support impeachment of President Bush.

He concluded that  it would take too long to get the information and backfire on the Democrats

Furthemore, Waxman stalled on the idea by suggesting that  nothing would happen this year.

"You would be going to the polls whether the issue was right or wrong."

President Obama did win the election in 2008, but not because of Bush's foreign policies. His domesti policies of spend and spend some more with tax less and less created deficits, debt, and dysfunction. Obama inherited a bad economy, but he made it so much worse.

"I know you all want impeachment. I would like to see him driven from office, But I do not see it succeeding."

Waxman shared his reluctance over and over, with nothing to show for his candor except investigations in steroid abuse in baseball. Liberals and conservatives have slammed Waxman for this waste of time.

One of his former supporters slammed Waxman: "You had been one of my heroes."

"You swore to protect the constitution. Who cares about the poltiical expediency --- how can you not cosponsor impeachment?"

President Obama has advanced many of the same military policies as President Bush. Why not impeach President Obama, Congressman?

Then again, if he refused to stand up to a Republican chief executive, then what chance would there be that Waxman would stand up to President Obama?

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