Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Waxman's Whining; Fiscal Cliff Looming

The fiscal cliff is looming in Washington D.C., yet Congressman Henry Waxman has refused to meet with voters in the 33rd Congressional District. Instead, he frequents Beltway press conferences defending Medicare against any reforms. Waxman remains unrestrained in his belief that the rich should pay “their fair share”, but he refuses to support “means testing” so that richer Medicare recipients pay more for benefits for which they pay practically nothing.

Still, the Congressman is convinced that the United States can solve the fiscal and environmental problems all at once. By resurrecting his abortive Cap and Trade legislation, the federal government can tax businesses and close up the budget shortfalls. Waxman should be taking heavy heat for shedding light on inane issues which the Congress and the country kicked away three years ago. Both Republicans and Democrats put a cap on Cap and Trade in 2009, and in West Virginia’s US Senator Joe Manchin has pledged to “bust a cap” in any legislation which includes such officious provisions.

Despite Waxman’s reputation for blowing hot air, the 33rd Congressional District deserves more than  whining about global warming, while budget reform is getting no vetting. The federal government is drowning in red ink, yet Waxman is worried about climate change and the rising ocean tides. The tide of public opinion in the Santa Monica Bay should be pushing him into fiscal realities or should push him out of office into the sea with his fellow failed liberal colleagues Howard Berman and Peter Stark.

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