Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Waxman Speaks into the Wind About Global Warming

Henry Waxman: Still Blowing Hot Air
Congressman Henry Waxman is winding up about global warming again.

The research, the science, the investigations, and the general consensus about global warming suggest that yes indeed the world has gotten a little warmer.

How many reports printed in the last decade suggested that half the United States would be under water, or that Polar Bears would marching along in Manhattan Beach eating up beach-fronts and mauling visitors?

The Global Warming entourage has worked its way up to University elites, has taken over editorial boards, and now Congressman are pushing for more laws, regulations, and every other intervention imaginable to slow the heating of the planet by one or two degrees.

The United State is in hot water already because of the spending spree, yet Congressman Waxman wants to resurrect Cap and Trade once again. Has he already forgotten that the bill passed on the slimmest of majorities in the House in 2009, then died in the Senate? Then Joe Manchin of West Virginia replaced the longest-serving Robert Byrd, and he pledged in his election campaign to shoot a bullet through Cap and Trade.

Waxman is full of hot air and blowing nothing but empty winds and waves of environmental extremism. While the threat of polar ice caps melting has not reimposed the diluvian period across the planet, the tsunami of red ink drowning this country and the next generation simply cannot be ignored.

Forget global-warming. When will Congressman Henry Waxman warm up to the "inconvenient truth" that our government is spending money that we do not have on programs that we cannot afford or on  federal departments that we do not need? What good is a cooler planet with heated global bond-holders threatening a massive sell-off of their accounts, with the tumbling fiscal crises to follow?

Waxman has denied the reality of this country's fiscal problems before with empty calls of "We're Not Broke!" Instead of worrying about the break-up of the polars ice caps, Waxman needs to get off the Cap and Trade jag and get our country from ruby red to jet black.

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