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Marianne Williamson for Congress -- Or, Who Needs a Hug?

Spiritual author and motivational speaker Marianne Williamson is running for Congress.

She is running against Henry Waxman, who will be entering into his fortieth year in the Beltway this year.

So far, there are only two "viable" challengers against Waxman.

Brent Roske for Congress, or "Will You Marry Me, Henry?"
(source: roskeforcongress,com
Hollywood Producer Brent Roske of Malibu, who will run his campaign on a shoe-string, then offer to share the seat with Henry Waxman for one year before taking the reins of office by himself.

I glibly called his campaign: "Henry Waxman, will you marry me?"

Give me a break! I don't want someone to partner with the guy, I want someone who will remove the Washington insider outside of office for good.

Then there's Ms. Williamson.

Some political handicappers are taking this woman's run seriously.

Marianne Williamson for Congress? (Source: MDCarchives)
At least she is. I saw some of her Congressional flyers in the El Segundo public library a few months ago. She also made the circuit some time ago, too.

She also grace the cover of "Natural Awakenings" Magazine in November. Of course, there was no mention of her Congressional run, since such blatant electioneering would violate California campaign laws.

Her column on middle age and discovering ourselves was not meaty reading.

We still have the power to redeem our lives, she claims. Does she have the sand to take away the 33rd Congressional District from Henry Waxman? Or the soul, or the substance, for that matter?

Spiritually speaking, as a New Age guru of sorts, one who lives just outside the 33rd Congressional District, the notion of redemption does not spring from our minds tabula rasa. There is an understanding inside of all men, inside of all humanity, that we live in this fallen earth, that death is an enemy, and that something needs to be done about it.

While her seemingly uplifting piece in "Natural Awakenings" seems to open  up new vistas of experience and life, she is merely spinning an old sale of humanized, old time religion.

If she read the Bible, she would find the perfect and accurate assessment of the living God, who through the death of His Son offers redemption to all who are willing to believe on Him (John 6: 29

Unfortunately, this Gospel is too much for human minds to bear, so caught up are we with our own powers, as if fallen humanity can help raise this fallen earth from nothing to something.

Williamson sits in coffee houses and encourages people to embrace their inner child. Washington is not a children's playground, or child's play, but the most exposed reservoir of selfish ambition, masquerading as service to one's country. Or the most partisan resistance to a governor gone wild, and expecting to get wilder.

No, Ms. Williamson, redemption in Washington will not be found in an Independent who will caucus with Democrats. She is playing the same card as Bill Bloomfield did in 2012, still convinced that an Independent in so partisan a fray can alter the balance of power.

Bloomfield actually believed that he would force Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner into a room and get them to negotiate which committees he would sit on, should he win the election in 2012.

Such chutzpah was duly rewarded. He lost 54-46. A swing of five points would have netted him the win. Then again, what would the constituents of the 33rd Congressional District have won for the effort?

Last week, LA Weekly ran a cover piece on her desire to bring peace to Washington and heal the soul of Congress.

Congress does not have a soul, and government does not need to be healed as much as amputated or euthanized. Like a lot of self-help, lotions and potions guru-types, she wants more government to help bring peace to our ravaged, savaged land. No, Ms. Williamson, the answer is not more of the state, but to state that we need less of the state in our lives.

I remember an article from the Von Mises institute, which investigated the political impulses of these Spiritual gurus. Their conclusion: they end up favoring more globalizing, concentrating power. So much for individual liberty, or redemption.

Frankly, looking over the prospective challengers who will take on Henry Waxman in 2014, I need a hug! A Hollywood something, a spiritual something else, and perhaps a Manhattan Beach billionaire without much but lost of money.

How sad, how uninvolved, how independent of any novel ideas or real hopes can a political campaign get?

I need a hug!

Who Will Run Against Waxman in 2014?
(Source: US Congress)

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