Monday, January 27, 2014

Shorter Statement on Waxman Challengers

So far, only two "viable" candidates will challenge Congressman Henry Waxman in 2014for the 33rd Congressional District.

Independent Hollywood Producer Brent Roske of Malibu will run a shoe-string campaign. Upon winning, Roske will share his seat with Henry Waxman for one year before taking the reins of office by himself. Refusing to criticize Waxman’s prior record, Roske might as well have asked: "Henry Waxman, will you marry me?"

Then there's spiritual author/lecturer/guru Marianne Williamson of West Hollywood, and Independent (?) who will caucus with Democrats. She aims to replace Waxman, now “serving” his fortieth year in Washington. Some political handicappers are actually taking Williamson’s campaign seriously. At least she is, since she provided flyers in the El Segundo public library a few months ago.

Williamson wants to redeem Washington and bring harmony to America. Humming a mantra and chanting “Ohm!” won’t do much good. A big, collective hug won’t bring bipartisanship, either. Summing up Waxman’s tenure in Congress as “I don’t know!” “I’m sorry!” and “We’re not broke!” would help.

Recently, LA Weekly published a cover piece on Williamson’s campaign to heal the soul of Congress, which has no a soul. Government does not need healing, but amputation (or sterilization). Like many self-help types, Williamson wants more government to restore our ravaged, savaged land. One unlikely article from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute (Liberty in Aquarius?) confirms the Big Government bent of spiritual gurus like Williamson.

As of now, the candidates for the 33rd Congressional District are no good for the political soul. We need independence from Washington, not Independents going to Washington, who will support the same failed policies of more, careless government attempting to care for us.

So far, so little for individual liberty. Will anyone better step up to Waxman? At this point, I need a hug!

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