Thursday, August 8, 2013

Congressman Henry Waxman's Letter of Intent for 2014

Congressman Henry Waxman is already prepping for his 2014 election campaign. His frequent references to bipartisanship reflect the shifting political realities which he faces following the California Redistricting Commission Reforms plus Prop 11 open primaries. Another Democrat can run against him, as well as an established Independent or a libertarian-leaning Republican.

The sixth-year itch will decimate Democratic numbers in Congress, as they have in previous elections with a second-term president. Waxman has more to worry about with the next election year not just because of Congress’ sagging approval ratings, but the rising opposition to his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

Dear Friends,

“With the 2014 election just ahead of us, I wanted to share with you why I intend to seek reelection next year, and why this next election is so important to our Democratic values.  I have devoted my career to public service because I have always believed it is a great calling.  I want to continue my service because I am in the middle of several efforts that I believe matter a great deal to our country.” 

What Democratic values is the Westside Congressman referring to? Would it be the growth of the welfare state at the expense of the general welfare of all citizens? He must be alluding to a penchant of state-sponsored encroachment into private industries like the auto makers and health care. The GM bailouts bailed on the retired teachers and police officers of Indiana, whose pension funds were robbed to pay off union supporters. Obamacare has turned into a careless train wreck forcing employers to cut hours and pushing insurance carriers out of the healthcare business altogether.

Democratic values which mislead voters about solvent entitlement programs, yet neglect to provide a plan for shoring up the steep losses, are values that voters do not need to endorse.

“I am leading a coalition in the House of Representatives that is focused on reducing the risk posed by climate change.  I've been deeply involved in this issue for many years and recognize it won't be resolved by 2014.  But given the devastating consequences climate change has for our country and our planet, I intend to continue this fight”.

Climate change is a hyped-up amalgam of pseudo-science, From the thirty thousand PhDs and college instructors (and growing) who dispute the severity of rising temperatures, to the unprecedented cold snaps this year, the argument about climate change is merely a change of argument to distract voters from pressing issues, issues which Waxman has only made worse.

“I feel the same way about my efforts to make sure the landmark health reform law is implemented in the best possible way because the decisions over the coming years will impact millions of American families.”

The law is impacting families, alright, negatively. Small businesses are still filing lawsuits to enjoin the employer mandate. The House of Representatives, in respect to the will of the voters, have voted repeatedly to repeal the misguided, distorted, gargantuan legislation.

“ My role as the senior Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee gives me a strong platform to influence those choices, and to shape a federal budget that not only promotes economic growth, but protects our seniors and the most vulnerable in our society.  These challenges -- and others -- won't be resolved by the end of this congressional term, but I want to see them through.  And I believe my experience, my knowledge of the details of the issues, and my ability to work with my colleagues will enable me to make significant contributions to reaching the best policies possible.”

Congressman Waxman claims to have a grasp on the details of the issues. Ha! He did not know the basic laws regulating steroid abuse in baseball. He has instigated no serious investigations into the wasted misuse of the Brentwood VA,  where private firms are operating on land designed exclusively for the care of our veterans, thousands of whom wander the streets sick and homeless.

He did not know the key components of his own Cap and Trade Bill, about which then ranking Chairman Fred Upton (R-Texas) propositioned him. He attempted to shove a three hundred page amendment on the same bill at the last minute.

During a terse Congressional Budget Committee hearing, Waxman declared that he did not even know that General Motors went bankrupt.

“I am dismayed that partisanship in Washington has grown to become an end in itself and that our country and institutions are weaker for it.  When President Obama was elected, the situation deteriorated further and congressional Republicans said their number one priority was to make him a one-term president.  Even in this corrosive environment, however, I continue to look for opportunities to craft bipartisan solutions and to get significant legislation enacted.” 

“When President Obama was elected” – the current President is the source of the hyperpartisanship in Washington. He has one agenda: an aggressive, Progressive expansion of the state, which will endanger the United States’ standing in the world as well as the preeminence of the United States Constitution. If Republicans and conservative Democrats are willing to stop the Obama-juggernaut, then the voters are willing supports. An unprecedented 53% of voters want Obamacare repealed. They share concerns about the decline of American prominence in the world, and at home. An unprecedented five terrorist attacks have occurred on American soil under the Obama Administration, as well.

“Virtually every measure I have sponsored and worked to enact has been the result of a bipartisan effort with strong Republican partnerships. Most of my greatest legislative achievements have passed by large bipartisan votes, and sometimes unanimously, in the House and Senate.  These include the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, the Orphan Drug Act, the Waxman-Hatch Generic Drug Act, the 1986 and 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, the Ryan White CARE Act, the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act, and the Food Quality Protection Act.” 

Congressman Waxman is reliving glory days of the past. Instead of celebrating that no one will smell cigarette smoke on an airplane, when will he provide tents and immediate care for homeless veterans in Los Angeles?

“In fact, the only major law that I have worked on that lacked Republican support was the Affordable Care Act, which will bring immense benefits to the nation, Los Angeles and my district.” 

Congressman Henry Waxman does not read the Los Angeles Times, or the financial reports of California insurance companies. I have not read so blatant a lie as “the Affordable Care Ct. . .will bring immense benefits to the nation.” There is nothing beneficial about a 2,500 page law and the tens of thousands of pages of regulations following which will micromanage doctors, ration care, and restrict access with higher costs and greater regulatory burdens, A retired teacher in my district had four doctors in one month because each professional chose retirement over reading and writhing through the reams of Obamacare regulations.

The unions which supported Obama are now demanding waivers from the same health care law. Part-time employment has become the norm for hourly workers, as their employers cannot afford.

“But while I look for opportunities for bipartisanship -- and have the record to prove it -- I am also known for exposing waste, fraud, and abuse and fighting hard when Republicans try to undermine our essential programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  As I mentioned above, I am now leading the fight to stop climate change and protect our spectacular beaches, which also requires speaking out forcefully against the science-denying policies of House Republicans.  I bring to both my negotiations and my battles the convictions of a lifelong Democrat. I am especially grateful that my efforts have been endorsed in previous years by the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the National Organization for Women, and labor and business groups alike.”   

Waxman’s record on bipartisanship in the last five years is minimal and disgraceful. His health care law passed with a bare majority, and a significant minority of Democrats opposed the law, along with every Republican in Congress. He claimed that Democrats could lose seats in order to pass the legislation, as well. His hyperpartisanship has actually hurt his own party as much as any comity in Washington.

“I am honored that I to have had your support in the past and it is my hope you will support my campaign in 2014.  I cannot do this without you, so please consider making a contribution to my campaign. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.”

Congressman Henry Waxman will see me on the campaign trail, all right. I will be watching, and so will voters, Please visit “Waxman Watch” ( for more information.


“Henry A. Waxman”

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