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Media Bias on Waxman -- Easy Reader News

Easy Reader News
is an unapologetically liberal apologetic publication in the South Bay. One of their cover pieces last year highlighted former El Segundo resident Rosanne Barr's abortive run for President as a Green, then a Peace and Freedom candidate.

As if a third-party run by a third-rate comedienne is even newsworthy, let alone noteworthy.

Easy Reader News
is a liberal organ, one which regularly printed editorial cartoons by E. Wunder, whose leftist policies are unmistakably obvious. The liberal bias in South Bay media needs to be exposed.
Here is the first of a series of conservative indictments.


I had submitted a few times to their "Letters to the Editor" Section. The ER editors printed some of my pieces about decriminalizing marijuana, or about the Post Office Blues which were forcing Redondo Beach postal workers to work into late night hours. They even published my extended praise for Hermosa Beach City Council leaders, including current Mayor Kit Bobko, for brokering an extended deal with E and B Natural Resources about oil drilling and future revenue streams, which would allow the city of Hermosa Beach to avoid costly litigation fees and potential bankruptcy.


Then I read a letter in the late August, 2012 edition of ER, in which Hermosa Beach resident Julian Deveroux commented that Hermosa Beach is turning into "Little Santa Monica" because of the progressive bans on smoking and plastic bags, and the devolving deviant behavior beneath the Hermosa Beach pier.

Sadly, I could think of another reason why "Little Santa Monica" would be an apt title for this wealthy Beach City: Santa Monica-based Congressman Henry Waxman, whose hegemony of tax-and-spend nanny-state liberalism is now infiltrating South of Dockweiler to the Beach Cities, as the district as joined with part of Waxman’s former 30th district courtesy of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

The unsightly oversight chairman even paid an undisclosed visit to Councilmember Michael Keegan’s Hermosa Beach home August 29, 2012, which ER reported in the same issue as Deveroux's letter. "Why were the voters in the area not informed sooner about Waxman's visit?" I wondered. What is Waxman hiding?


I had commented in another letter about this telling comparison between Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica, but ER refused to run the piece.

I cannot think of a more unqualified candidate to represent the Beach Cities, including my home in West Torrance, than the same Congressman who bullied baseball players in 2009, yet had no standing knowledge of the standard steroid laws in this country when questioned by a constituent. He went after Tobacco executives in 1994, yet he did nothing during the Congressional Post Office scandal, which brought down House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dan Rostenkowski (D-Illinois). And what about the "Congressional check-kiting scandal" which broke at the same time, which brought down the entire Democratic majority! Where’s was the imperious oversight Chairman doing then?

In open committee, he has declared that he did not know what was in his own Cap and Trade legislation, he brazenly assumed that "We’re not broke", even though this nation is now facing a $16 trillion national debt, to which his signature legislation "ObamaCare" will add significantly.

In the August, 2012 article, Hermosa Beach Democratic Club President Diane Wallace claimed: "We need people from both parties who are willing to work with other. . .One of the things (Waxman) reflected on is how he has been so successful in Congress because he has a good working relationship with Republicans." He shoved Cap and Trade, including a last-minute three hundred page, amendment, without input from Republicans. ObamaCare received no insight from Republicans. Both bills passed with opposition from Democrats as well as Republicans on the slimmest of majorities. This man even threatened to throw one Republican out of committee because he demanded respect for normal order.

In the same August article, Waxman commented: "If there’s ever a chance that anybody’s going to try to close that air force base [in El Segundo], they’re going to have to do it over my dead body."

After picking his district and voters for over thirty years, Waxman so readily assumed that he’s going to swing into another term in office.

He did win the election, but by a mere five votes compared to his 60% plus average in the previous three decades.

reported a different result, treating Waxman's independent challenger Bill Bloomfield as

a "long-shot". Bloomfield funded the major electoral reforms in this state, both of which Waxman opposed. Bloomfield's campaign shook up Waxman enough for him to launch commercials and advertising for the first time in his thirty-eight year tenure. If Romney had not depressed the voter turnout, Bloomfield would likely be in Congress today. Waxman chalked up his tenure to accomplishing individual favors for constituents, yet he has not amended the Clean Water Act, and he ignores LA County's homeless veterans.


But that's not how ER sees it. The unabashed bias of Beach Cities reporting needs to be challenged, because media bias alone accounts for some of the challenge which Republicans and conservatives face in local as well as state-wide California races.

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